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So Much For “Social Distancing” 

This is little Kenzy, Joshua, Samuel, and Noah, caught in a “bearhug!” They really love each other! Usually, they are in “twos,” but today they were all wadded together! It’s very hard for Haitian people and children to “stay apart.” The moment we turn our backs, they are in a “wad!” They love to talk to strangers, especially in the market or on a tap tap (public transportation). Everyone has an opinion, and everyone jumps in on a conversation. They are “huggers” and “hand-holders!” It’s nothing to see two big policemen standing there talking while “holding hands,” innocent and friendly. Our girls walk to church (when it’s open) holding hands! The first thing that they want to do when they meet you is give you a hug and a kiss.

In the mountains, a family of seven will sleep close together with the kids laying on a straw mat on the floor, wrapped in a sheet, and looking like “little hot dogs” in a row! On large trucks, Haitians are piled high with the “wares” all going to the market. None of them are “six feet apart!” In fact, they’re usually “laying on top of each other!”

It’s very hard for our workers, who are like family and we have known for many years, to “not” hug us or give us a kiss. Of course, we are doing our best to teach them and warn them each day of the dangers, but many cannot grasp the “do not touch” stuff, and when they try to kiss us, we have to turn our heads. So, we are still taking many precautions, and we have to keep doing this and teaching them every day about the virus. The Haitian people have great faith in God and in His Word! So, no, it’s not a “sacrifice” to say “yes” to Jesus! These people and children are worth it! Bobby and Sherry

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