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So Sad for Haiti

A few days ago, we shared the story of a lady, Madamn Gina, who had been sick and had the biggest and worst bedsores we have ever seen. She had been to a hospital in Haiti, but when she was there, they never turned her from side to side… as a result, she had huge open wounds.

They sent her home, and her mother brought her to our Jesus Healing Center. Our nurses and doctors treated her, but she really needed a hospital. We sent her to a good hospital and paid her bills and we would have continued to do so, but today they sent her out! We had to send our ambulance to pick her up. From there, our ambulance took her all the way to Mirabailais, about four hours from here. They turned her away as well. Our driver then took her to a hospital near us, Ebenezer… they turned her away. Sadly enough, our driver had to take her to downtown Port-au-Prince to a hospital that is our “last choice.”

We are so proud of our driver, Ezekiel, who was out all day trying to save her life. But this poor woman, even after we have done all we can, will have little chance if the Lord doesn’t perform a miracle… this is “real life in Haiti.” We, as missionaries, are between “joy and sadness” constantly. We ask you to call her name out in prayer to the “Great Physician,” Jesus!

Thank you,
Sherry Burnette

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