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So… What’s This Thermometer Thing Supposed To Do?

We have been working hard to keep the coronavirus away. We set up stations all around Love A Child with buckets of Clorox water for people to wash their hands. MAP International always sends us a special disinfectant called “Betco,” which is such a blessing!

We ordered some “forehead thermometers” to check everyone coming through our gate for a fever. The first two security guards understood how to use them and check for fevers. They were supposed to train the second guys coming in… So, I happened to go down to the gate, and I saw our head engineer and three of his guys under a tree. (These men take care of our generators, etc.) I noticed people zipping through the gate before and thought the guards had the “thermometer thing” figured out. However, when I looked at these four men, I didn’t believe they had a fever. I told the security guard to check them again. When he finished, I said, “The thermometers work better when you take the cap off!” Ha! The guards had been standing in the sun at the front gate checking for fevers. They took the readings of the men again and they all had “fevers.” Jessica, who was with me, said, “Maybe you shouldn’t stand in the sun with the thermometer!” The guys finally passed the test and went to work!! We are all working very hard to keep everyone safe here. It is quite a job!!! We are just taking it “one day at a time!” Sherry

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