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Sometimes They Call Her “Madamn Jeune”

Ericka… sometimes they call her “Madamn Jeune,” an affectionate name for an older woman working with small children. Ericka is very good with small children. She has great patience. She is now 17 and still has a speech problem. Ericka’s mother became ill right after she was born, probably due to eclampsia. When Ericka’s mother died, they asked that we take the baby. She was itching, scratching, hungry, and full of sores. We never realized the extent of her problems until she started to walk but could not talk. She still has speech and mental development problems, but she is very sweet, kind, and hardworking! And when she hugs you, she almost “breaks you into pieces!”

She loves to sing and dress up! And she made it as far as fourth grade so we decided not to let her continue school, but she insisted! So, she will be in fourth grade or maybe fifth. Ericka loves Jesus, and she is as “strong as an ox!” Ha! Everyone here loves Ericka!


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