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Special Program Begins Tonight!

Tonight and all of this week, we are airing a very special program. We heard about the severe drought that is sweeping through Haiti, and we stepped up to help these poor desperate families. Their animals are dying, their crops have died, and they are starving to death. We will never forget the 1,000 families that came from all over the mountains in order to stand in line and wait for a big bag of rice and Tilapia fish. People arrived from 11 different locations, all gathering in one common ground. The scene you will witness in this program will touch your heart deeply. Tune into the Love A Child television program today and watch “One Thousand Families,” during a time when the world is stricken with grief, smile with joy at their good fortunes. This is all because of you, our Partners! May God bless you!

Please join us tonight on Daystar Television Network at 6:30 p.m. (ET). If you miss tonight’s airing, you can still view it throughout the following week on DirecTV, DISH Network, CTN, The Word Network, NRB, and many more. We know that we have a lot of friends and partners watching from around the world, so please make sure to check out our full schedule for the best way you can tune in. You can also watch online through our Vimeo or YouTube channels. Rachael Abrams – TV Department

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