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Students learning Agriculture at our ATC!

This report just came in from Wilner to Big Boss. That’s me!

Give a man a fish; he will eat for today. Teach him how to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.

Thank you to everyone who supports our Sustainability programs.

Thank you to those of you who will support us in the future.

Bobby Burnette

> Dear My Big Boss!
> Today we had great classes at the Agriculture Training Center (ATC)
> All the students were present to attend the course we always have every Thursday and Friday. A 2-year term cycle; Agro-ecology””,. We have students from Ganthier, Croix-Des Bourquets, Fond-Parisien.
> Students from Croix-Des-Bourquets have trouble coming to class every week because of the gangs occupying the road. They used to pay a taxi 100HTG to come to school ATC (Fond-Parisien” now, because of the problems of the gangs on the road, they pay taxi 1000HTG . The return now costs them 2000HTG, where it used to be 200HTG.. Today they are all present in the classroom ATC. After class, we make a big prayer to God, We believe and trust in God and the prayer of every servant of God; At the Agriculture Training Center (ATC) Love A Child Fond-Parisien we will have a hope for all gardeners who believes in an Agro-ecological and sustainable agriculture In Love A Child.
> Thank you for all your prayers. God blessing us
> Wilner.

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