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Sunday Church Service on the Radio!

Since there is no church in Haiti tomorrow due to COVID-19, the League of Pastors here in Fond Parisien will be speaking to all the people by our Love A Child radio station 103.9 FM. Sherry and I will come on at 8:30 a.m., hopefully, Florence from Italy (our Haitian daughter in college there), Dimelia from the Dominican Republic, and Joel Trimble. After us, all the Haitian pastors will come on with singing, and the word of God! Those outside Haiti, go to, then go to “media”, then “Christian Radio Station”, then click the  “Creole Stream”.

Thank you, Christian Television Network (CTN) for sponsoring the building of this Christian station. God bless you Bob D’Andrea, President of CTN. Thank you, Paul Garber and Eldon Bryce, the engineers keeping the station on the air. Thank you, Franck Joseph, the radio station manager. Great job! No ministry or person is ever charged to be on our station.

Bobby Burnette

“Sunday, April 5th, 2020, 8 a.m., everyone is invited to a praise and worship service that will be led by the Pastoral League of Fond-Parisien. Florence will speak from Italy, Dumolia will speak from DR and Joel Trimble will Speak from the USA.

Note: Bobby & Sherry, the Presidents, and founders of Love A Child will be there. Let’s praise the Lord even in the hardest time for his mercy endures forever.”
Franck Joseph, the Manager of Love a Child Radio station.


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