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Sunday Service on Christian Radio

League of Pastors This Morning on Love A Child 103.9 stereo FM.

All the churches are closed here in our area of Fond Parisien, Haiti because of COVID-19. This morning the League of Pastors met again at our Love A Child radio station to share singing and the word of God to their churches by radio. They did a wonderful job! They were anointed! Joel Trimble also called in from Florida who is stranded there with his wife.

Sherry and I spoke at the very beginning then left. When I got home I turned on the radio. Singing and music was playing. I asked sherry, “why are they doing two or three songs with music and singing with a CD?” Sherry said, “Bobby that’s not a CD, it’s live!!” Then I remembered I saw one of them bring in a little keyboard this morning. Wow, the pastors sang well! They even had their wives singing with them.

Thank you, Christian Television Network (CTN), for sponsoring the building of the radio station. Paul Garber from CTN is the engineer which has helped so many times. Thank you, Eldon Bryce, for all the many hours you help. Thank you, Franck Joseph, the manager of the station! Truly, this is your calling.

We were 15 minutes late getting started this morning. This is life in Haiti! Slow. In Haiti, when you are late you are on time. Ha!

Bobby Burnette

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