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Sweet as a Lollipop!

Sandraline was born in Croix-des-Bouquets about an hour from here. Her mother died soon after her birth. We are not sure how she died, but it was possibly from “childbirth fever.” Her father, Fritzner, worked in Port-au-Prince repairing bicycle tires in order to pay a woman to care for his baby. But this did not leave much for food, and at nine months old Sandraline was extremely malnourished. Her father brought her to our orphanage, and we agreed to take her in. It took a long time for her health to come back, but it finally did.

Sandraline is sweet and a little shy. She is mentally challenged and has a hard time in school, but she is determined! She is so sweet that I call her “pi wi li,” which means “lollipop” in Creole! Sandraline does domestic work, like washing and ironing. And no matter how she does in school, I am sure she will always have a job here at Love A Child. We love having “lollipop” in our lives!! Sherry

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