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Sweet Jameson

Little Jameson is one of the sweetest little boys we have ever met. His mother had come to our clinic via a little boat across the lake, from a poor village. Jameson’s skin and eyes always had a horrible skin infection. Many times, his eyes would swell shut. His skin was red. The doctors said he had an allergic reaction to dust, so we took him in. There were many times when his eyes couldn’t open; he suffered horribly.

Today, with lots of care, he is much better. Once in a while, he will have a major allergic reaction and his eyes will swell shut, but he is doing better now. Jameson is 11. His job is picking up trash and feeding pigeons… he is 11 years old and in 4th grade. He wants to be an engineer. He has been a great joy and a blessing, “just to see him smile!” Thank you so much for your prayers and support.


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