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Sweet Jameson

Jameson… What a sweetie. Kaeli and I first saw him at our clinic. He had such a bad infection of oozing, bloody sores on his mouth, ears, and private areas. He was in total agony! This poor baby will heal and then the sores come back around his mouth and other areas. We have taken him to our clinic, and he has seen many doctors in Haiti, and each one has a different idea of what he has. But I wanted you to know, that out of all the children, he has one of the sweetest spirits and sweetest personalities you have ever seen. He does not play outside very much due to the dust, but he does love sports and school. I really love this little boy, but when he gets sick, he breaks my heart. I pray that God will heal him completely and use his life. Sherry

P.S. Jameson is a good worker. He is ready to do any chores with a smile on his face!

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