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Thank God for Tonka Trucks!

We have two Tonka trucks that we gave the little guys for Christmas! This is Joshua and Noah (Joshua is usually driving!). The other two “pistols” are Noah and Kenzy! Many of you know the story of Noah, found at our front gate, abandoned by his mother, horribly beaten (and bitten) by his father… He had marks and bruises all over his body, even had some teeth missing… Noah is a toughie! He is four years old and big for his age, but he is gentle inside!! However, he is an “actor” and can be quite loud! He loves to dance! If I had those hip movements, I would have to have a hip replacement! Ha! All Haitian children can sing, dance, and are very artistic!!!

Joshua was also abandoned… He was left in front of our gate, but not beaten as Noah was. They have both been surrounded by a swarm of “brothers and sisters” and room mothers who love them! Joshua is always talking, and talking “loud!” He is always smiling while he is talking!!! He is always ready to go for a walk or “go someplace!” He’s not afraid of anything!!! Joshua is generous and has a big heart!!! He has a “killer smile” that lights up the room!! The children share most everything, especially those two Tonka trucks!!! I’m good with that!!! Sherry


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