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Thank You!

My dear friends,

I have been overwhelmed today by all your wonderful prayers and thoughts of me on my birthday. You have been so encouraging and your love means more than anything in the world to me. Sometimes, when we are working hard in Haiti and having trials, we sometimes feel that we are forgotten. But, Bobby and I know you love us with all of your heart. There can be no price on “love” and friendship.

Thank you, not only for your prayers and sweet comments today, of which I am not worthy, but thank you for all you have done in the past, your prayers, your encouragement… everything means so much to me and to Bobby. Thank you, for taking the time from your busy schedule to wish me a “Happy Birthday!”

Thank you to my own children, Julie and Jonathan, and to all our Haitian children, singing, “Happy Birthday Mommie” on Whatsapp. What a wonderful day it has been. Bobby has one more “check-up,” on Tuesday, and then, we want to go right back to Haiti. Please pray for Bobby and me, that we will find a way to get back into Haiti because there are no flights going in, now. We would need “special permission” from the Haitian Government and we need to find a “flight” back. God bless you, Sherry

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