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The Dangers of Childbirth in Haiti…

In Haiti, there are several ways of having a baby… for the poor women in the mountains; they may have a midwife or a matron in their village. Some even give birth by themselves, which often results in death. Even the midwives are not experienced when there is an emergency, and the mother is too far from a hospital. And, let me say, with the gangs on the street, it is even more difficult than ever for a poor mother to make it to a hospital.

Another problem in the mountains is that most pregnant women drink “ginger tea,” which, they believe, makes the baby come out faster. However, it raises their blood pressure and often kills the mother.

Our Maternity Clinic teaches “Birth Control,” first and foremost. This is very difficult because a poor mother in the mountains whose husband has left her or has died has the problem of caring for her children. (There is no government help in Haiti, nor does Haiti make fathers take responsibility for their children!)

Therefore, the woman will find a man to help feed her children, but in return, that man will want “children of his own.” It is a trap that poor women fall into every day… A pregnancy can bring death to a mother and a child…

Our Maternity Center teaches future mothers the concerns of giving birth without a doctor present; it offers mothers the privilege of giving birth in our modern facility. Outside, on the porch, Christian music is playing, and rocking chairs are there for family members.

Our clinic is open 24/7. Women come from all over Haiti to have their children in this beautiful Birthing Center. In the midst of all the gangs on the street, they can come to our Birthing Center and be treated as though “they were rich!” After giving birth, they retire with their baby in one of our rooms; they are given a hot meal, clean clothes, gifts for their babies, etc. Our midwives are the best! Monday through Friday, midwives are here, and if there is an emergency, it is handled by one of our doctors.

There is no doubt that our LAC Birthing Center saves lives every day!! And our clinic is one of the very few in Haiti that gives Birth Certificates for their babies!

All Haitians respect their mothers and grandmothers… they say, “Haitian women are like mahogany. The older she gets, the better she is!” (Well, that’s good news for all of us ladies!)


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