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The Day of the Dead… “Fèt Gede” Candles, Alcohol and Food…

Yesterday and today are holidays for the Haitians… It is also called “Talking to the Dead” Day! This is part of the Haitian culture from many years ago… Sometimes, they have marches in the streets, and others go to the graveyards and talk to the dead and become possessed. They can bring food, alcohol, etc to the graveyards and have a “picnic” with their dead ancestors! They paint their faces and tell stories from “way back…”

Some people dress up like Baron Samedi and honor him by drinking, smoking, bringing rum, dancing, etc. Many will be dancing in the streets and making offerings to the “gods.” Voodoo people make dances, etc., to “appease” the evil spirits… Some will become possessed with evil spirits, but, at the same time…

… the Christians go to churches and “fast and pray.” They are on “the winning side!”

Bobby and Sherry Burnette


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