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The Lord Will Make a Way for Yonel!

His real name is “Lionel,” but everyone calls him “Yonel.” His mother died when he was young. We do not know if he had brothers or sisters. All we know is that he had a very abusive father. What triggered that man to do something so horrible is beyond me. But something made him so angry at his son that this father held his son’s hand in boiling water until his flesh melted! A Haitian police officer found him by himself on the street crying and took him to the police station. They called Social Services who brought him to us.

We have had his hand treated, but his fingers began to form together. We drove him to a hospital about five hours from us where they had a team of doctors. They examined him and told us to leave and bring Lionel back in a week. We have been trying to get back, but the gangs in Haiti are so bad that we have not been able to get through yet! We will keep trying!

Yonel is a sweet, humble boy. He is a great worker and will do anything asked of him. He does well in school. He has not yet decided what to do with his life, but the Lord will show him. The gang violence is so bad here in Haiti right now… We pray that  God will make a way for his surgery. We love Yonel!! Sherry

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