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The Story of Joel and Miguelson

Little Miguelson Cenat, age 4, and his brother Joel, age 5, were recently brought to our Malnutrition Center. Their father is Emmanuel, and their mother, Saint-Anne. Another woman, not their mother, brought the little boys to us, extremely malnourished. They have one more child [in their family]. They live far, far in the mountains in an area we used to work in, Bel-Fontaine. (Bel-Fontaine is so far you would run out of road and have to take mules! (As we did so many times)

These little boys were in another Malnutrition Clinic, which took very good care of them. As I understand it, they reached their desired weight and were allowed to go home. What happens with “out-patients,” is that many times, the mother will use any food you send home for the “malnourished kids,” and give this to the rest of the family… so, the children who are malnourished, return to be “malnourished again.” We try our best to make sure they are in “very good weight” before we let them go, and when the mothers come back with them, we give the family a box of FMSC food for their family, in addition to the specially formulated food for their babies recovering from malnutrition.

We missionaries here in Haiti work together. We help each other and we need each other, and we are so thankful for everyone’s help, especially at a time like this. We wish to thank Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope for sponsoring the cost of building the Malnutrition Clinic, and for helping with the cost to furnish it! We are so grateful…

God bless all our wonderful partners,
Bobby and Sherry

P.S. Our cameraman asked these little boys when they wanted to go home, and they said, “Never!” Ha!!!

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