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The Story of Louima Flerisma

Madamn Louima Flerisma arrived at our Birthing Center. She is 37 years old and is the mother of five children. She is from the “Pine Forest” in Haiti, very far from here. She is a farmer and totally depends on the land to support her and her children. She has no husband to help her. However, she cannot go to the market to sell her small crops now due to the gangs. So she has to put a heavy sack on her head, walking for hours to try to sell her crops.

While pregnant, she traveled about ten miles to find a hospital. She found out that when she was five months, they warned her that her baby was in a bad position and she must find another hospital to give birth. She came to our Birthing Center, which is about 4 hours from where she lives. She ended up coming to our Birthing Center to have her baby.

During the childbirth, she suffered a lot because she had drunk the “ginger tea and alcohol” that makes a baby come quickly but raises the blood pressure. After a lot of suffering, she gave birth to a baby girl weighing 3 kg, and in good health. She is so happy for the care and love she has found at our Birthing Center.

We wish to thank one of our partners, for their donation of these baby “Onesies” that are given to all mothers… They say, “I’m a little blessing!” Every child is a gift from God! God bless all our partners.


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