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The Story of Madamn Thelusma… a Hopeless Situation

What kind of medical care could Madamn Thelusma receive in the mountains with her infected leg?

Warning: Graphic Pictures Ahead…

Shilove Thelusma was just 22, and the mother of one child. She, like many other women, struggled to feed her child when her husband abandoned her. She was pregnant, and after she gave birth she noticed a small infection on her leg. This small “ball” of infection kept getting larger, but she had no way of getting to a doctor… by this time, the infection had really set in.

She went to several hospitals, using what little bit of money she had for food… but, they did nothing. Someone told her about our Jesus Healing Center and they knew that she would be treated as if she were “a rich woman.” Many Hospitals and Clinics in Haiti do not treat the poor with respect, but that’s what the Lord wants us to do.

After cleaning her leg, the doctors came to the conclusion that she had “waited too long.” Her entire leg was rotting and her foot was  “beginning to drop off.” They cleaned her up, gave her antibiotics and pain medication, and sent her to another hospital that we work with, by our ambulance.

When I talked to Dr. Barthelemy this morning, we all knew that the next hospital would want to amputate her leg in order to save her life. But, many Haitians refuse this and would rather die. These poor people often turn to the witch doctor when they do not have money for a good “doctor.” We all wish we could have seen her earlier… we could have saved her leg.

Each story in Haiti seems to be sadder than the one before it. Sometimes we cry, then go to work, and then at night, we cry again…


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