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The Struggle to Feed the Forgotten Ones

No one wants to think about the men, women, and children of Haiti who live “inside or on the edge of the garbage dump of Truttier,” near Cité Soleil.

It has riveted our lives to see little children walking barefoot among garbage piled high, digging through rusty tin cans, bottles, broken glass and all the filth of Haiti, just to find “something to eat or sell.”

Most of the people have some form of lung infection from the burning trash, but it is the constant pain of hunger that is the worst… worse than the flies, worse than the disease. But more than this, is the hopelessness they feel when they share their feelings that “no one cares.”

We have a hard time sleeping at night thinking about our Haitian friends, especially the children who live at the dump. Many came there after the earthquake trying to survive to find food.

We have been feeding these families for a long time until the violence in Haiti began. Then, gangs took over. We are working with the local police to see if we can get enough “protection” to be able to do a food distribution. We are willing to go, but we must be careful and use wisdom… please pray with us! Thank you and God bless you. Bobby and Sherry

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