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The Voice of an Angel

Bianca has always been such a quiet and sweet young lady. She is always asking to help, and she loves church and her big family. But she is shy… She has the “voice of an angel,” but we have only heard her sing one song by herself, and everyone who was there, stood to their feet! Amazing!

Bianca came with a “packaged deal” of a brother and sister. She has finished her “Philo” (the 13th year of school) and is deciding what she wants to do with her life. All her life, she wanted to be a surgeon, but now she is afraid that the challenges of being a doctor or surgeon is more than she wants to take on. She is thinking about several options, but we tell all the children to “do what you love,” and if you love doing it, it won’t be like a job. It will be a passion!

Bianca is tiny and has beautiful with big eyes. The kids call her “Krapo” (frog) because of her big eyes, but she also has a big heart! We love Bianca!


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