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Their Valuable Food

Our drivers have been working hard to get containers out of the Customs area and bring them all the way here to Love A Child. During these perilous times in Haiti, it is so dangerous to go to the Port and get our containers out of Customs. There are “gangsters and thieves and kidnappers” all around, and our drivers risk their lives when they go to this area. But children and families need the food now, more than ever before…

Yesterday, we delivered food in two areas… One of these areas is called “Fond Bayard.” This village is almost right on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. This huge group of Haitians are “Haitian/Dominicans.” They were deported from the Dominican Republic years ago and feel that they do not belong to either side. It is a sad situation as they try to exist by making a living any way they can. There are usually two whole families in each little “house,” which is hard, but they are thankful for shelter. The families usually cut down trees for charcoal, or the ladies buy something at the border and re-sell it, but each day is a “struggle to survive!!”

When our Feed My Starving Children food comes in, they begin to dance and clap their hands.

Our Haitian sons do a great job… Yesterday, Dieuferly was there taking pictures (included here); Carlos helps drive the trucks and George is always there to help. Our older Haitian kids “love” feeding the hungry! It is because they “know what hunger is.”

Each box of food is very valuable. It has so much protein and is excellent for malnourished children! Thank you, partners, for your sacrificial gifts to help us “get the food from across the US to Miami, across the ocean to the Haitian Port, and all the way out here to Fond Parisien…” where it goes out to many villages, like this one.

We will continue our Food Distributions today! Sherry

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