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This is Sustainability!: 3-15-19 12:30 PM

Yesterday at the Agricultural Training Center (ATC) School for sustainable agriculture, the students were learning about making proper “planting medium” (basically, soil) and how they can use common materials in Haiti to make good soil for growing their young plants. Wilner, our Director of the ATC, tells me that this class of students is especially happy and grateful for this opportunity to learn new and important skills for growing their own food, because, during the recent chaos, riots, violence, and unrest in Haiti, they didn’t know if they would have a “tomorrow.” But now, because of the thoughtful gift of tuition money by some sponsors, these students have great hope for a better tomorrow. They are learning ways to help themselves and their communities. They will have nutritious food for their families and even enough to sell at markets. This is sustainability! Love A Child is committed to helping Haitians develop for sustainability and these ATC classes are just one way we are doing that. Together, with sponsors, we are able to offer ways to make a huge difference in the lives of Haitian children and their families. This begins to break their cycle of poverty and positions them to realize the abundant life that God wants for them. Please pray about helping us send more students to these classes. Rad Hazelip

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