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Three More “Off to College…”

Today, Kenson, Daniella, and Jonas are all off to college. Last week, Lovely, Kidney, and Bianca left. Still, more to go!

Kenson and Jonas will be taking Spanish because they will eventually want to take “Mechanics” in the Dominican Republic. (There are no good mechanic courses to take near here.) Little Daniella wants to be an eye doctor, to help other children to have good eyesight. We are proud of our Love A Child kids because they have all worked very hard to get into college. They all have a “dream,” and without a “dream,” you will never be a success!

Please keep the children in your prayers. They had to go through several “gang territories” to get to their apartment. (This was posted after they arrived.) God bless you and thank you for everything.

Bobby and Sherry

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