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Ti Mika!

We found Ti Mika while we were doing a “Television Program” for Love A Child. We were in a poor village and we were talking about how children were starving to death of malnutrition, when I looked over to see a little baby, about five months old, sitting on the ground in the dirt by herself! She sat there a while, playing with some dirt and then, her grandmother came along and picked her up.

We went on with the program and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the grandma feeding her a few grains of white rice that she had in her hand. I knew this baby would not survive, living here in this poor village with her grandma. Her grandmother said, “she could no longer care for her.” So, that was the day we brought Ti Mika home!

We had her in our clinic and malnutrition program for a long time and she recovered!! Ti Mika… Ah… What can I say? She is the “craziest” of all the kids! She always has a smile on her face! She is “built solid,” like a little Olympic champion! Solid muscle! She’s in 6th grade, loves to laugh, and is always smiling! She is very intelligent and loves school! She wants to be a “kindergarten teacher!”

She is a “pistol,” but we love her! Sherry

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