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Tough Love for Sarah!

Sarah is one of our sweetest older girls here at Love A Child. Sarah and her brother, Joseph, were brought to us by a pastor when their mother died. Both Sarah and her brother had kwashiorkor malnutrition. With lots of love, good medical care, and patience they both grew and their health improved.

But about two years ago, I had some problems with Sarah’s manner of dress (much like parents have in the States). I told her that if I caught her “one more time” in her sister’s “size four clothes,” I would send her back to her father (who now lived in Port-au-Prince with his second wife). Well, she broke my rule and I sent her back to her father for a while (over a year). She just recently asked to come back and we gave her a “second chance.” I’m so glad we did because she is now obedient, hardworking, and makes even better grades in school!  Sarah has really changed, and she is such a “good girl.” I have no problems with her at all! She has one more year to go and wants to be a dentist! It takes “love…tough love” to run an orphanage in Haiti! Sherry

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