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Trying to Feed The Orphanages

“In the twenty-seven years we have been living in Haiti, we have never seen the people and children of Haiti this hungry.” Bobby

At the present time, we have seven food containers still stuck in Haiti Customs. The paperwork has been cleared, but Customs is closed due to the violence, roadblocks, and shootings. This morning, we called Nelio, who is our Haitian Director. We call him every morning at 4:30 a.m.! We told him we had a large food distribution scheduled for the 28th, mostly orphan homes, and his reply was, “Don’t even think about it.” He said that “Even if Customs would open today, you wouldn’t be able to get the containers out of Customs to Love A Child.”

Our plans are, as soon as we can raise the money, to go across the border into the Dominican Republic, and buy food. We have already requested the prices for the basic items, such as rice, beans, and cooking oil. This food needs to get to the poorest areas ASAP. If you would like to help with the food, please call our office on Monday and speak to Rad: 239-210-6107, or go on-line at

Let’s all be in prayer that this violence in Haiti, will be stopped so that all the missionaries can continue to do their work, and that Love A Child can get the food to the poorest of the poor, Love in Christ, Bobby and Sherry

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