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Up The Road 150 Miles!

Thank you! We just loaded 300 sacks of rice (27.5 pounds each) going to a village called L’Artibonite. It’s actually a village known for very powerful Voodoo. People are afraid of that area. We have a Christian school there, but it’s closed now due to the Covid-19 virus. We cook 13 huge pots of food every day except Sunday for the hundreds of children in the village. We are a light for Jesus! The Haitian people are in great need there. Haiti is in a crisis for food. By faith, and as soon as the money comes in this week or next week, we will purchase more rice here in Haiti. Note: Feed My Starving Children had to cancel their food shipments because there are no volunteers to gather and pack it. They are working on how to solve the problem. Pray! Love is something you do… Bobby Burnette

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