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Update: Dieuferly and Jasson… Trip to DR

A few days ago, Philemond, our main driver and faithful worker for many, many years, drove to the Dominican Republic with Joker, our mechanic, Dieuferly, who had the club-foot operation, and Jasson, who has kidney disease, Jasson is about 11.

Jesse Ostrander, missionary and construction worker, flew from the states to the Dominican Republic, to be with Dieuferly and Jasson, because Sherry and I could not make it. Sherry had an abscessed tooth and needed emergency care.

As many of you know, Dieuferly has had several really bad “club foot operations,” in Haiti and has constantly suffered for many years. Our friend in the Dominican Republic, RL, found this wonderful orthopedic doctor for Dieuferly so that he could have an operation on his foot… Dieuferly has been in the DR, resting, for about 6 weeks. His appointment to have those “long pins” in his foot “taken out” was yesterday. That did not go well, as the doctor thought his foot and toes would not be able to feel pain…but he was wrong! It was a horribly painful experience for Dieuferly to have the pins taken out with just a little pain medication. But he made it through!

Today, our team will be taking Jasson to a kidney specialist in the capital to see if he is a candidate for a kidney transplant. So this is what we need to pray about. The good thing is that one of our Love A Child donors has already been touched by the Lord to offer to sponsor this surgery. Let’s pray that Dieuferly’s foot heals well and that we can find the right surgeon and the right “kidney donor” for Jasson!

Sherry and Bobby

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