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Update From Santo Domingo

Update from Jesse Ostrander which came in last evening.

“The team is here in Santo Domingo winding things down from a very full day.

Lionel was seen by the hand surgeon this morning to make sure everything was progressing fine. The wound looks good and all the skin grafts look good. We are praying that no infection sets in. The doctor re-wrapped his hand with new bandages, and we will see her again on Monday. Please continue to pray for his pain. He has been through major surgery and is battling major discomfort.

Daniel has been unable to see for quite some time. We had him examined by the ophthalmologist here in Santo Domingo. They determined that he has a major astigmatism in his right eye and a minor one in his left eye. They think that glasses will rectify the situation. We will shop for glasses soon and he will be able to see clearly. Daniel also had some imaging done on his jaw structure and mouth. The doctors are looking at trying to fix some problems with his teeth.

The nurses are still deeply involved in their training. The doctors here want them to be fully certified in dialysis protocols. We have two nurses already certified, but these three new ones will add many new hands to the team. They also met with the pediatric nutritionist. They are learning exactly what Jackson can eat and what he cannot eat. It is important to know, so that his diet is maintained no matter who is on duty.

Everyone is in good spirits and we are enjoying some fried chicken in Zona Colonial, which is the historical area of Santo Domingo. I know everyone will sleep well tonight. We had a very full day. Next week’s schedule looks like more of the same. The Love A Child team is strong and professional. I am proud of all that they are doing here.”

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