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Update on Dimelia

Please read the post from David George below:

“Hello, my friends!! RL and Vanessa and Angie and I took Dimelia to see Dr. Felipe Martinez, a very well-known plastic surgeon here in Santo Domingo. He examined her and will give her some injections in her chest area to help with the pain and give some elasticity to the skin. RL and Vanessa have opened their home for Dimelia to stay with them while she goes through this process. This is very tough on her and I am asking for your prayers. We talked to Bobby and Sherry today and they have agreed that this is what’s best for Dimelia at this time. Everyone that has met her here in the Dominican Republic has loved her. She is an awesome young Christian lady. Angie and I love her so much. A huge THANK YOU TO RL AND VANESSA FOR THEIR GIVING HEARTS AND OPENING THEIR HOME TO DIMELIA!!!! This couple is like our family and they have our hearts and we love them very much. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Dimelia!!!”

Pray for little Dimelia. Our plans for Dimelia are to keep her in the Dominican Republic for two months so that she can continue having her shot every 15 days. We are thankful to David and Angie George, and RL and Vanessa for their help. Most of you don’t know it, but David George is one of our Love A Child board members. Thank you for a great job, David.

We are praying that once we get Dimelia through this that we can send her to college in Italy to join Florence, our other Haitian child. Bobby Burnette

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