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Update on Djonsly: 1-11-19 2:30 PM

This the most recent report on Djonsly from Dr. Daghistani in Miami:

The MRI that we did yesterday revealed that the disease is stable. It is in three areas. Of the three areas, one is the same, one is slightly better, and one is slightly worse.

Dr. Daghistani believes that when dealing with slow-growing cancer, the best plan of attack is to continue to go slow with the chemotherapy. He said that slow-growing cancers die off slowly. The new plan is to continue the chemo until December. At that time, they will evaluate what is next for Djonsly. He is expecting that will be all Djonsly needs.

The three areas where the cancer is located currently are the skull around the eye area, the middle of the brain, and around the spinal cord like a sugarcoating.

I will schedule an appointment at the immigration office in Miami to take Djonsly in within the next several weeks. Hopefully, they will give him an extension.

We ask everyone to pray for Djonsly. Bobby and Sherry

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