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Update on Djonsly

We are working hard to get an Expedited Emergency Medical Visa for Djonsly, but his condition has given me lots of concerns. Earlier, he sent me this picture with circled places on his head that were hurting… then, he sent me a video that showed me how frail he was. We were then so afraid that if he got the Medical Visa he would be so frail that they may not let him on the plane.

Since he is not near our place in Fond Parisien, I talked to Dr. Barthelemy, our doctor, who said he could come to us. This would be a problem because our ambulance would have to go through “gang-held” areas between us and Djonsly. But, Dr. Barthelemy made the decision to send our ambulance. (Which is a life-safer!!!)

They brought Djonsly to our Clinic, and he was “very weak.” Dr. Barthelemy thinks he has Pneumonia and Covid. He was treated and put into quarantine in one of our places, and someone checks on him each day and takes him food. He is under the care of Dr. Barthelemy, who is probably one of the sweetest and most caring doctors I have ever met!!!

In the meantime, I had placed four calls to Senator Marco Rubio and received no answer until today. They said it will take a few days for them to get back to us, and I am thankful they are aware of Djonsly’s plight.

If Djonsly doesn’t get well enough, he will not be allowed on the plane, which would mean we would have to evacuate him by some other means. We will keep you posted, but for right now, he is in the “caring hands” of our doctor and helpers. God is not “short” on Miracles! Sherry

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