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Update on Jackson

Jackson, the young boy we found in the mountains of Savaan Pit, Haiti, during a Mobile Clinic, is doing well, except for a few problems. He had Kwashiorkor Malnutrition when we found him! Jackson has been on a pediatric dialysis machine for about a year and a half now. (This machine was sponsored by one of our partners).

Jackson had been doing good, with dialysis each night, on a “very strict diet,” and several good doctors (specialists), in the Dominican Republic. Now, his knee is painful and swollen, and he has been missing school. The border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic has been closed for about a month, due to some fierce problems between the two countries. For now, we cannot get Jackson across the border, so we will have to take him to a doctor here in Haiti, recommended by Dr. Barthelemy.

We are asking you to pray for Jackson, that we find the right doctor, and that Jackson will be able to go back to school! We count on your prayers! Thank you.

Bobby and Sherry

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