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Update on Jameson

We were deeply touched by all of the responses and wonderful comments for prayer, as well as all the information concerning Jameson! So many of you think that he has Herpes and gave suggested treatments. He was on Acyclovir for a while, but the doctor took him off it. He is going back on this medication now. There were also comments about “natural” things to give him, such as Colloidal Silver, Aloe, etc. He is going to another dermatologist on Saturday for a culture. This should settle it. Last evening, when our doctor and nurses were cleaning him, he cried so hard and was begging for God, screaming and crying, “Oh eternal God, help me! Help me, Jesus!” And praying so hard… I cannot tell you what this did to me. Today, he is eating and doing better. We will let everyone know what the next dermatologist says. Again, I am so grateful and thankful for all your thoughts, your ideas, suggestions, and prayers!! You really touched my heart! Sherry

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