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Update on Jovanie

Jovanie has come a long way, and we are so proud of her! We first took her in when she was about six years old. She had red hair from malnutrition. Her aunt had told us that her mother died, but later, we found that she was alive and could not take care of her.

We sent her to a nursing college in Leogane, Haiti, but she was “one child that was hard to control!” I remember talking to her dean and telling her, “If she gives you any trouble, just kick her out of school,” but Dean Hilda could see something in Jovanie that I could not see, “determination!”

Jovanie passed all of her nursing exams, but “getting the nursing license” was something different. The MSPP Department lost everyone’s tests in her class, including Jovanie’s! That meant that she would have to wait another year to take the test!

So, in the meantime, she went to Hinche to study to be a midwife. She will graduate in about six months. She is smart, determined, and wants everything done just right! She will be a great nurse and a great midwife, and we love her so much!!



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