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Update on Lomene: 12-6-18 6:00 PM

You may remember this “sweetie” named Lomene. It was near Christmas years ago when we rescued her from a life of slavery. She was living with her father’s girlfriend and was very mistreated. Lomene was a restavec (child slave) for this family. She did all the work and had no time to be a child. Lomene wasn’t able to go to school, and she spent her days cooking, cleaning and taking care of the other children. When we found her, she was sad, pitiful and did not smile. We knew we had to rescue her! We took her to our Love A Child Children’s Home where she met all of her new brothers and sisters. We put clean clothes and shoes on her, gave her lots of love and three hot meals every day. We also gave her a new doll and allowed her to be a little girl. Now, Lomene is growing up to be a beautiful young lady. She loves going to school, reading and praising the Lord. Thank you, partners, for changing another life in Haiti. God bless you. Bobby and Sherry

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