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Update on Noah: 11-8-18 6:30 PM

The child to be left and forgotten!

Wow, that is exactly what comes to my mind when I think of Noah and all that God has done for him! You remember Noah being left outside of our gate severely beaten and burned in many areas. Noah went through a long period where he would not say one word! At one time, I thought he was deaf… He also went through a long period with severe anxiety! He has since broken through and has become a completely normal, active child! He keeps us on our feet 24/7 and never stops! He talks like he has been speaking his whole life and he absolutely LOVES going to school! He eats more than any other child here. I just assume he is making up for all the times he didn’t have food to eat! He makes me laugh harder than I thought would ever be possible! Having him here in our home has been more than a blessing! Enjoy the video of him “running” his fastest! HA! Kaeli


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