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Update on the Gabion Houses

Everyone is working very hard building the Gabion houses for those who lost everything in the earthquake. What I love about the Gabion house is that it’s about all built from local materials and all local labor.

Haiti has an 85% unemployment and things are much harder now since the earthquake, political unrest, gangs, etc.

It doesn’t take skilled labor to build the house. We have a skilled foreman who is overseeing each house being built by the locals. The earthquake survivors need their houses built and the locals need jobs. We hire local people to gather rocks for the houses and this helps employ more Haitians.

Here is another Grandma praising the Lord for her rocks coming!

The walls are made from rocks and cement inside galvanized wire and are “two feet thick!” This is a “very strong house which can withstand the “next earthquake” and will help “withstand the next hurricane.” We are in the process of building 10 houses now and this month we will start more. By faith, I know the funds will come in.

The cost of each house, which has “three bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen” is $9,000. You may be led by the Lord to provide one or more houses for the earthquake victims. You may only have very little. Every penny counts!

You will receive pictures of your family moving into their new house. Please go and give on our website or call and give on your credit card or by mail…

To donate online, visit:

Please mail letters and contributions to:

Love A Child, Inc.
PO Box 60063
Fort Myers, Florida 33906-6063

If you would like to speak directly to one of our staff members, please call: 239-210-6107

By faith, we are building in southern Haiti. We are thankful because there are “no gangs there” and southern Haiti has fuel in most places. God bless you and thank you again.

PTL! The funds for another house just came in…


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