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Our third container with earthquake tents, tarps, and more emergency supplies came into the port over the weekend.

We will have our container out of customs in the next two or three days. Nelio, our Haitian director, does wonders at the port getting our containers out.

We’re having a difficult time renting a large boat to carry several hundred tents, tarps, and emergency supplies to the Port of Jeremie.

We will be working through Mayor Yvrose. A lot of boat captains are afraid of being robbed by gangs on the ocean. Others are saying when they arrive at a port gangs meet the boats and take everything on board. This part we have solved… Last time we took tons of food to the port of Jeremie after the earthquake by a large vessel. The gangs were there, hundreds were there! Mayor Yvrose had probably 37 to 50 top security there to meet us with shotguns. If she did not do this, no food would have gotten to the ones in the mountains, the forgotten ones.

The gangs want to sell the food for drugs, etc.

Praying we can find a large boat to rent…


P.S. These images are from our late August 2021 supply distribution to the earthquake victims.

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