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Today, our office told me that we had several inquiries about solar for Love A Child. Thank you sincerely for your interest. It’s growing more difficult every day to have diesel delivered out here in Fond Parisien. Our whole LAC Village works off two big, huge generators. They drink the diesel like water! Now, the government of Haiti has more than doubled the price of fuel. Gangs are blocking the routes and kidnapping the tanker trucks and drivers. Soon, we may have no diesel at all. We will face tragedy out here… We will have no water, electricity, nothing. We need 95,000 gallons of water each day pumped into our big water tower.

Our new clinic staff housing has only solar, and it works perfect! Our orphanage operates off our big generator during the day. Each evening, at 6:00 p.m., the big generator is shut down and our orphanage works off of solar. It’s perfect!

Buildings that need total solar:
Four Missionary Houses
Guest Housing for Teams (two different locations)
Warehouse One
Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center
Motor Pool
Carpentry Shop
Fish and Chicken Sustainability Projects
Malnutrition Center
Jesus Healing Center
Birthing Center
Radio Station
Four School Buildings
Love A Child Church
LAC Offices
The 10 Horsepower Water Pump (pumps our water from 300-feet underground)
Tin City (housing for workers on the property)

I just wanted you to see the scope of what we are facing. This will not take a homestead type of solar project. I was given one price, which I believe was way too much money. We have two experts right now working on the logistics and cost. When I find out, I will let everyone know.

This is an urgent prayer request. It looks like the day will soon come when we will have to shut down because of no electricity. We will still be here working the best we can, but it will be truly a nightmare. We are trusting in Jesus. This project does not belong to Love A Child. It belongs to Jesus! We have the peace of the Lord. Thank you for your prayers. You only know a small amount of what we face here each day…

We love you!

Missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette

P.S. If you have any questions about our solar project, please contact Rad Hazelip, Love A Child Assistant Director, at 239-210-6107. Thank you for your prayers and support.



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