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We are so proud of Sarah!

We are so proud of Sarah!! When we first got her and her brother, Joseph, from the mountains of Covant, Haiti, both had severe malnutrition. They had Kwashiorkor malnutrition. Both children were just “water and bones” because they were not eating the right food.

Sarah was strong-willed, and as a parent, I had trouble with her wearing her sister’s clothes and skirts which were too small for her! Finally, I decided to send her back to her place of birth, far into the mountains. That was her “school of hard knocks!”

She passed! She has been a wonderful and changed young lady that any parent would be proud of. Anything she does, she does it “A-Plus!!”

Sarah just graduated from her first year of cosmetology! She can “braid hair” better and faster than anyone and does a great job on “those fancy nails!” We love Sarah, and we could not be any prouder of her!! She wants to take one more year, and she will go far in her profession! She loves the Lord, and we love her!


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