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Everyone in Haiti thought the big threat of coronavirus was gone…and it is true, we had little problems with the virus. However, there are several new strands of the virus which has come in from Brazil. Many of you may know that thousands of Haitians left to seek work in Brazil a few years ago. Well, now that work is finished, and they are returning home to Haiti…with a new strain of coronavirus. This strain, scientists say, is much more deadly than the first strain.

We are so, so thankful to World Vision for the huge blessing of pallets of face masks!!! They were already on the way before we even found out about the new strain of the virus. What a wonderful thing God did!!!

We are so, so thankful to World Vision and their friends who made this possible. Now, all our school children can have “masks” for school! A big thank-you from all our school children!!!

Bobby and Sherry


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