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What a Wonderful Day with Friends from Peyi Pouri!

The people from Peyi Pouri have been asking Sherry and me to please come to the top of the mountain in Peyi Pouri for another Mobile Medical Clinic. The mountain route had been washed out really bad. We would not be able to bring any vehicle up… the precious Haitian people worked by hand moving rocks, picking, and shoveling rocks to make a new path!

They are doing all this hard work and not charging us anything! They want the clinic!

We asked them if they could walk down the mountain to meet us at the bottom since we can’t travel up yet. We met 160 of them at 10 a.m. this morning. We thanked them, gave each one a big bag of rice, and two envelopes with money inside!!! A big surprise! They were so happy! PTL! They all came down the mountain singing – and all went back up singing!!! What precious friends, the Haitian people.

Very soon we will be having a Mobile Medical Clinic in Peyi Pouri! The last time, we had 3,000 people come for help. Many came to the Lord.

Things are getting much better in Haiti. Maybe some who have been with us before would like to come back. 

Love Is Something You Do!

Bobby and Sherry

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