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“What’s Cookin’ for Lomene?”

We found Lomene when she was just a young girl. She was taking care of several families, washing their clothes by hand, and doing all of the work! We do not like the fact that children in Haiti, who have lost a parent or both, will end up as a “restavek slave child!” This often happens when a child’s mother, father, or both dies. They go to live with a distant relative but they will never be treated “like one of the family.”

We took her home with us and her relatives never came to claim her! After Lomene completed her highest grade in school (Philo), she decided she wanted to become a “professional” cook! She had already taken two years of “professional cooking” and this would be her third and last year!

“So, what’s cookin’ for Lomene?” A chance to have a good life and a wonderful job doing what she loves, and having a great, big, and crazy family “backing her up!”


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