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Wilner and Others Kidnapped Today

This morning we posted about the head of our ATC program, Wilner, on Facebook and our website. Wilner told me this morning that he had not seen his wife and family for three weeks. He asked me if he could leave today and return next week. I told him yes, but to be very careful on the road. He took off with Roderick, our LAC driver, and with others. They all were kidnapped today around noon, traveling down the road. Thank the Lord they were all released around 4:00 p.m.

The gang released everyone, including our truck, when they realized they were with Love A Child. We are thankful to the gang for releasing them without cost. We give the Lord all the praise! PTL! Thank you, for your favor Lord! Thank you, Lord, for Psalms 91:1-16.

Missionary Bobby Burnette

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