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Word from the Mission Field – 11-09-18

“You don’t need a whole lot! Just use what little you’ve got!”
In chapter 14 of 1 Samuel, the Philistines are challenging God’s people from Israel. The problem was, in those days the Israelites had no metal swords or axes. King Saul and Jonathan were the only ones who had swords. That’s really tough when the enemy is coming at you. So, while King Saul was relaxing under a pomegranate tree, his son Jonathan gets an idea on how to fight the Philistines. He calls his faithful armor-bearer, and tells him, “Let’s go over and fight the Philistines. For there is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few.” In other words, God doesn’t need “numbers” to win His battles, because the “battle belongs to the Lord.” Jonathan goes on his hands and feet, squatting down as he went, and his armor bearer slew the enemy. Read the story… The Lord gave them the victory that day! Today, God doesn’t need your help; He just needs your “faith!” And, you don’t need a whole lot! Just use what little you’ve got! Bobby and Sherry

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