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“Sowing and Reaping.” So you, “thought you married Rachael?”

It is impossible to plant onions and expect carrots… It is “God’s law of sowing and reaping,” “seedtime and harvest.” Throughout our lives, we are constantly “planting or sowing.” But, we can expect that when we have “sown” some bad things, then we will reap the same.

Jacob was a good example. He had deceived his father, Isaac, in Genesis, Chapter 27. He went in to see his father Isaac, who was nearly blind and pretended to be his brother Esau, (the one his father loved the most). Jacob deceived his father, in order to receive “the blessing of his older brother Esau,” the first-born. And in those days, “a blessing was a blessing that would come to pass.” It was like a prophetic word.

You know the story… Jacob had to flee from his brother Esau and ended up at his uncle Laban’s. He fell in love with Laban’s youngest daughter Rachael and had to work for seven years for Laban in order to marry her. But, can you imagine his horror when he woke up the next morning and found that he had not married Rachael, but Leah, her sister! Laban had deceived him! Jacob had planted “deceit,” and now he was reaping what he sowed.

The same works when we plant “good seeds,” small acts of kindness, leaving a “bountiful tip” for a struggling waitress, or someone who cleaned your room, or giving when it was a sacrifice. It all comes back. Let’s plant “good seeds” of kindness. They will all come back, and some 100-fold! Have a great day! Sherry

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