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“Crazy Faith!”

An old man of God preached a sermon one time on, “How Bad Do You Want It?”

Most Christians ask the Lord for something and then whine around when they don’t get it immediately, but “faith without works is dead… dead faith.”

Jesus had been wearied with preaching and praying for the sick. He oftentimes had to get away from all the hundreds of people swarming around Him. He and His disciples had gone to Capernaum to a small house (much like a home healing service). He finally made it inside but there was such a mob outside that “no one else could get in.”

Four men came with a handmade stretcher carrying a man “sick of the palsy” from birth. There was no way at all to get in through the front door, so they carried him up on the roof, which was made of mud, clay, and stones. They actually had to break up the clay mud, all the sticks, and things that held the roof together.

They must have thought, “If we can just get this man on his cot in front of Jesus he will be healed.” While Jesus is ministering, down from the ceiling (or what was left of it) came a man on a cot being lowered by four ropes… Jesus healed him. Was it the faith of the paralyzed man or the faith of the four men who lowered him? I believe it was both! This is called “Desperate Faith” or “Crazy Faith!”

If you “really want the Lord to do something in your life which requires a miracle,” you need to do “something desperate with your faith!” We call this “crazy faith!” You have to “break up a roof” or “give your last cake” or put a couple of stones in your sling and run towards the giant! That’s “crazy faith,” and it works!

Have a great day in Jesus!


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