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Word from the Mission Field

“Our Only Hope is in the Lord…”

Each day here in Haiti is another day God has kept us alive! If we go out of our Love A Child gate and go 15 miles up the road or more, we will be in gang territory. Today, there were some Haitian soldiers who were not far from us, telling us how close the gangs were getting. They needed a “machine” (vehicle), because theirs was broken. We wake up each day and thank the Lord and pray for you, our friends, and ask the Lord to keep us safe, our orphan children, and the many Haitian people who work here.

We had “hope” that the “Kenya Military” was coming! We were always looking for helicopters to come down and “take out,” the gangs. But, that hope has gone. Today, we faced the sad truth that “no one is coming for us!” The “only real hope we have,” now, is in Jesus our Lord! “He only is my rock and my salvation! He is my defense; I shall not greatly be moved.” Psalm 62:2

Thank you for standing with us in prayer.


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